Admission to the register

Claims can come in all shapes and varieties, and in a range of areas. The work of a damage experts therefore is divided into branches and each area requires different types of professional expertise. The NIVRE has accordingly established a classification of eight different branches for the work of the NIVRE Register-Experts, NIVRE-re.

NIVRE admission requirements have been drawn up for the NIVRE Register. The requirements are grouped on the lines of basic professional requirements. The basic courses focus on skills and competences, and they are the same for all sectors.
The specific professional courses deal with sector-related competences and so the content depends on the specific sector. 

In addition to focusing on technical and insurance expertise in the several sectors, the NIVRE also places a strong emphasis on communications skills, and on the integrity and conduct of the NIVRE-re. After all, our registered experts are at the heart of the claims process, which needs to be managed quickly and professionally in the interests of the parties involved.