Registration requirements

By continuing to organise professional courses and seminars, we uphold the standards of our NIVRE-Experts in terms of expertise, but also in the fields of communications, conduct, and the more efficient handling of claims. Only then can Register-Experts deliver added value that is apparent not only to insurers and brokers but also to policyholders and counterparties. Ultimately, NIVRE-Experts need to take the correct steps relating to that part of a claim which they are handling so that the parties involved can rest assured that the correct, and ethical, decisions have been taken to achieve the best possible result.

To be listed as a NIVRE Register-Expert, a candidate must, when submitting his or her application:

  • have working experience going back at least five years, primarily (70% of the time worked) as a damage expert in the sector;
  • be a natural person;
  • be of irreproachable conduct;
  • have all Basic NIVRE Diploma’s which are: 
    • Diploma Insurance & Policy knowledge
    • Diploma Ethics
    • Diploma Investigation and Social skills
    • Diploma In-depth Communications Skills
    • Diploma Communication in Reports

The candidate must also have the sector diploma(‘s).

Additionally, each seperate sector has specific requirements:

Liability/Miscellaneous Technical

  • Liability/Miscellaneous Technical
  • Insuring liability risks 


  • Legal Aspects of Liability Insurance 


  • Claim settlement relating to the Property Insurance (Property sector)
  • Technical Property Insurance 


  • Property damage and insurance law
  • NIVRE theory and practical examinations 

Property Monitoring

  • NIVRE course Soil mechanics/underground construction
  • NIVRE course Photography

Personal Bodily Injury

  • Moderately Serious Injury Module
  • Medical aspects relating to accident injury
  • Calculation models 107 + 108
  • Labour-related Aspects of injury damages

Shipping and Technical

  • Transport hull insurance
  • Ship's hull and other technical insurance
  • Salvage and assistance

Accident Investigation

  • Diploma Fraud Control Expert Module 


  • IIMS Diploma in Marine Surveying