Personal injury

The register for the 'personal injury' sector consists of experts who regulate the process of claims associated with injury and death. People can be injured during all sorts of incidents, examples being traffic accidents, accidents at work and in their private lives, medical mistakes or the use of defective products.

If a claim resulting from an accident can be recovered from a third party, the process may involve working with one, or generally two, experts (one working on behalf of the insurer and one working on behalf of the victim). The injury may result in physical limitations so that the victim may not be able to work, or do housework or jobs in and around the house. This can represent a financial loss that is not always easy to state in concrete terms, for example when determining damages.

The Personal Injury Register-Expert is the expert who can manage the procedures after an accident and who can advise the parties involved about damages.
That requires not only a sound understanding of legislation and regulations but also good social skills and empathy. The Register-Expert has to be able to anticipate emotional responses and tensions.

The NIVRE requires the Register-Experts in this sector to follow a range of professional courses and seminars that complement the advanced training they have followed and that keep their knowledge up to date. In addition to focusing on technical and professional expertise and skills, the NIVRE also places a strong emphasis on communication skills, and on the integrity and conduct of the Register-Experts. After all, our experts are at the heart of the claims process, which needs to be managed quickly and professionally in the interests of the parties involved.