Liability/Miscellaneous Technical

There is a wide variety of approaches and policies in the Liability/Miscellaneous Technical sector. For example, there are liability policies for private individuals but also complex Construction All Risks policies for very large construction projects. This means that different experts are required, all of whom will have their own specific expertise relating to particular fields. Nevertheless, there has been a constant trend in almost all the different fields in recent years: the sector is becoming increasingly complex and demanding, but also faster, requiring the more efficient deployment of people and resources.

That is why the NIVRE's board for the Liability/Miscellaneous Technical sector supplies the NIVRE Register-Experts in the sector with precisely the expertise and skills required. That can vary from technical and insurance expertise to specific skills and conduct. The NIVRE places particular emphasis on skills and conduct.

By continuing to organise professional courses and seminars, we uphold the standards of our Register-Experts in terms of expertise, but also in the fields of communications, conduct, and the more efficient handling of claims. Only then can Register-Experts deliver added value that is apparent not only to insurers and brokers but also to policyholders and counterparties. Ultimately, NIVRE Register-Experts need to take the correct steps relating to that part of a claim which they are handling so that the parties involved can rest assured that the correct, and ethical, decisions have been taken to achieve the best possible result.