Fraud Control Coordinator Register

At the initiative of the Association of Dutch Insurers, the NIVRE manages the Fraud Control Coordinator Register (RCF). The RCF can be compared to the NIVRE sectors such as risk experts and accident investigators.

This register raises the quality of fraud management by insurers to a higher standard and leads to the ongoing professionalisation of the profession of Fraud Control Coordinator.

This means that the RCF continues the work of the Delta Plan for Fraud Prevention in Loss Insurance, which represents the ongoing professionalisation of fraud control in the insurance sector.

If a fraud control coordinator working with an insurer fulfils the stated quality and training/permanent education requirements, he or she can be admitted to the register and therefore be entitled to use the protected title rcf. As a result, insurers can improve the fraud control procedures in their own organisations, raise the standard for investigation agencies, and also enhance the quality of coordination and information-sharing with fellow insurers and the Centre for Insurance Fraud Prevention (CBV). Furthermore, registration plays a role in the possible acquisition of information from the public sector.

Insurers are agreed that registration is important. A diploma from a training body approved by the RCF board is required for registration. As with the other registers managed by the NIVRE, coordinators in this register are required to follow a PE programme in order to remain registered.