The Netherlands has traditionally been economically dependent on international trade and we are therefore an important player in the global economy. The position of the Netherlands is globally unique. The presence of two mainports (the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol airport), the German hinterland and the connections between them mean that we have become an international distribution hub with a highly developed marine, air and road transport infrastructure.

The Netherlands also plays a major international role in terms of transport insurance, both in the area of transport/goods insurance and in the field of logistical liability insurance.
In part because of the major import/export position of the Netherlands, it has been precisely in this country that various types of goods claims relating to storage and transshipment have emerged since the middle of last century. New investments, such as the Second Maasvlakte, mean that the Netherlands will retain and possibly even extend its leading international position on the logistical market. As a result, Dutch Transport/Goods damage experts have acquired a head start in terms of experience and our profession therefore has a very good international reputation.

The NIVRE Transport/Goods damage experts are required to complete a very detailed English-language course and to pass the associated examinations. The branch covers a wide range of lines: our damage experts are active in the area of goods insurance, liability of both land-based and marine transportation companies, and storage and transshipment companies, and assignments on behalf of shipping companies, traders etc. Some damage experts s have a wide range of general knowledge relating to goods but there are also damage experts who have highly specific expertise relating to a particular complex field.

On the basis of professional courses and seminars in a range of fields, the Register-Experts in the Transport/Goods sector are brought up to date with the latest knowledge and expertise, which can vary according to the particular field.