Risk Expert Register

In response to an initiative from the Risk Expert Platform of the Association of Dutch Insurers, the NIVRE manages the Risk Expert Register. Inclusion on the Risk Expert Register is a recognition of the quality of the risk expert, who can then use the title on a personal basis.

Given the fact that the Risk Expert Register represents a range of specialisms, it has been decided to establish four sector committees. In this way, each specialism is given an individual place in the organisation and it is possible to safeguard the standard of knowledge development and professional contacts.

There is a board to which the sector committees answer. The sector committees look at specific matters relating to their sectors and prepare the educational programmes. The following sector committees answer to the Risk Expert Board: 

  • Agriculture
  • SME
  • Large Business
  • Transport and Logistics 

There are two other committees in addition to the sector committees: 

Permanent Education Committee

This committee advises the Risk Expert board about decisions relating to Permanent Education, including the appraisal and evaluation of educational programmes initiated by organisations other than the NIVRE. 

Admissions Committee

This committee advises the Risk Expert board about applications for admission to the register of risk experts. 


Finally, the Risk Expert board calls on the services of advisor Marco van Leeuwen of the Association of Dutch Insurers. 

The admission requirements for the Risk Expert Register vary according to the sector. Registration is possible in one sector only.