Property monitoring

The Property Surveying Register was established on 1 January 2005 in order to introduce greater uniformity to working methods and reporting.

Surveys of this kind determine the condition of a property, or part of a property, before work begins in the vicinity. Pile-driving and demolition work can result in vibrations that can lead to cracks and subsidence. Conducting a survey in advance can demonstrate that there were no defects prior to the start of the work. Alternatively, they can serve to demonstrate that claims are unfounded.

The sector board has taken a meticulous approach to the description of what a survey report should contain. The original term, 'prior survey' has been replaced by the term 'survey' in order to allow for later surveys. For the same reason, the term 'premises' has been replaced by the term 'properties'. General surveying principles have been defined and the survey method has also been described. The establishment of an independent quality standard for property surveys will result in uniform quality and therefore to a greater appreciation of the work done. That benefits everyone involved with construction work or the damage it may cause.