Shipping and Technical

Since time immemorial, shipping has been a vital factor in trade with countries overseas. Over the course of time, shipping has been transformed into a highly technical sector. So it is not surprising that the damage experts working in the shipping sector have been welcomed with open arms by the leisure sailing sector, the offshore industry, the heavy operational equipment sector and industry.

Wherever technology has been applied, this specialism has proven useful. Because shipping insurance is based on British law, the English legal system has become familiar territory alongside Dutch law. As a result of all these developments, the sector has extended into every conceivable technical area and throughout several continents. It goes without saying that the various perspectives involved in the work and the wide range of policies, as well as the complexity of the claims, all represent a major challenge.

The NIVRE offers these Shipping and Technical damage experts a range of technical insurance courses and seminars that are a sound supplement to the advanced technical training and that keep their technical and insurance expertise up to standard. In addition to focusing on technical and insurance expertise, the NIVRE also places a strong emphasis on communications skills, and on the integrity and conduct of the Register-Experts. After all, our experts are at the heart of the claims process, which needs to be managed quickly and professionally in the interests of the parties involved.